Soundtrackcity is creating, producing and distributing sound art. Soundtrackcity’s projects relate to public space and also take place in public. In collaboration with artists, architects, composers and musicians from very diverse disciplines – from starting talent to experienced makers – a diverse collection has been realized of more than thirty sound walks in and outside the Netherlands. Since 2009 Soundtrackcity has developed from a curatorial collective to an artistic research agency that focuses on the cultural and social functioning of sound in urban public space.



Jubilee is an artist-run platform for artistic research. It works with and for 13 members and 10 artistic practices. Jubilee’s focus is twofold. First, it is an organisation for the support of the work of these artists, where research and collaboration are considered essential values. Second, these shared interests lead to collective research projects that focus on themes that encompass shared interests. The conditions of artistic production form a recurring thread.



Beursschouwburg is a multidisciplinary center for arts and reflection, an open meeting place strongly anchored in Brussels’ reality. Here we embrace the local, the global and the glocal. Beursschouwburg functions as a platform to present and develop a wide array of art practices and research, a network of support and experimentation for artists, collectives and thinkers, a hub that questions normativity and welcomes new narratives.



Brussel Behoort Ons Toe (BBOT) is an organization that has been developing social artistic sound projects since 2000 with city dwellers and sound artists in Brussels and beyond. In collaboration with residents (participation), we collect voices, stories and sounds of the city and make them accessible in the form of artistic sound productions. The sounds that are professionally recorded and permanently stored (digitized) in an online database accessible to everyone, form the basis for new sound creations.



Overtoon is an artist-run platform for practitioners working with sound, directed by Bill Dietz and managed by Otis Dehaes. Overtoon supports the production of and research into sound-based practices, as well as their dissemination. Situated in central Brussels, Overtoon offers residents and collaborators infrastructural and administrative support, technical and critical consulting, financial support, and access to a broad international network.



Q-O2 is an arts laboratory for experimental music and sound art. Since 2006, the organisation has its own space in the Brussels canal zone. Here, we organise residencies for artists, focussing on artistic research and reflection over the production of finished works. The public output of this research takes a variety of forms including showings, concerts, thematic projects, symposia, publications, workshops, and the annual festival Oscillation. Q-O2 practices collaborative and transversal methods, and we welcome cross-overs into other disciplines, and various urban and social contexts, as well as collaborations with both local and international partners.